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Press Reviews

The Connected for Health project partnership made contacts with websites focusing on the field of Eating Disorders. A link to the Connected for Health project portal was made so that those who will access the selected websites can also access, through a direct link, the Connected for Health portal.

English4Nutrition Blog

English for nutrition is the class blog of students enrolled in the Nutrition and Dietetics programme of UMPhST Targu Mures. Yearly, the students (about 60 new students each year) visit the site and do homework, interact with other students. It will be an excellent occasion for them to learn more about the integrated approach of patients with obesity and eating disorders, thus bennefitting from the C4H project. 

Fitness 67 studio

Fitness 67 studio is devoted to promoting and sustaining a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and balanced nutrition. One of their aims is to prevent obesity and eating disorders by helping their clients incorporate healthy habits in the contemporary lifestyle. Every client’s progress and parameters such as body and visceral fats are meticulously tracked in order to achieve the goals described.

Fitness 67 represents an organisation whose core values are compatible with the aims and objectives of the C4H Project. They can contribute to the dissemination and exploitation  of the project results by further sharing the Project’s achievements with their clients and implementing Project results in their everyday work with young people. They can also offer professional support and expertise to enhance the relevance and sustainability of the Project.

ISN Project

The Innovative Skills for Nurses project has the aim to develop innovative nursing student-centered curricula in order to better meet their learning needs and to reduce skills mismatches for the training of Specialist Nurse (SN) and the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) in a wide-spectrum of specialties with crucial impact on healthcare systems which will be extremely relevant for the labor market and for the wider society. The specific aims of the project are:

  • Develop an innovative Curriculum to be implemented in all partner universities for the training of Specialist Nurses (SN) and Advanced Practice Nurses (APN)
  • Provide trainers and lecturers of in-service and student nurses with innovative digital teaching skills and methods
  • Create an online Repository of digital and virtual reality based scenarios and diagnostic challenges to be used as teaching and learning sources to qualify nurses

ISN project website provides information about the project together with a direct link to the Portal. Users may now learn about and benefit from the Connected 4 Health project

Breath Project

The project aims to develop rehabilitation programs and plans, improve undergraduate and post-graduate education, improve patient education, educate patient's families and patients organizations, and improve patients quality of life. The project also aims to improve the skills of the following stakeholders:

  • University physiotherapy/ physical activity /sports /nursing students that need to acquire the professional skills and competencies required of today’s patients with chronic respiratory disease;
  • Physiotherapy/ physical activity /sports /nursing professionals who wish to specialize in a particular area.

Breath project website provides information about the project together with a direct link to the Portal. Users may now learn about and benefit from the Connected 4 Health project

Smild Project

The project’s main objectives are to provide math teachers with: Protocols to determine the most appropriate solutions for the students with Learning Disabilities in Math Reliable, easy to use and operative set of references materials and information to identify and tackle underachievement in Math.

MYH4D Project

Move your Hands for Dementia (MYH4D) project aims to support adult and senior educators in the extending and developing competences on educating dementia health literacy to adults and seniors. A more health literate dementia community is the first step to improve a more inclusive and equal “dementia friendly community”. Health literacy about dementia provides chances for engaging adults and seniors to face health and environment with more responsibility and capacity to make favorable choices to health and to improve quality of life of persons living with dementia and their family members. 

MYH4D project website provides information about the project together with a direct link to the Portal. Users may now learn about and benefit from the Connected 4 Health project

Alcmaeon Project

The ALCMAEON project aims to innovate the teaching of medical history with a new educational approach, the object-based learning, and to work in a better integration of historical, ethical and psychosocial components of medical humanities. It represents an alternative model of medical history provision and an attempt to overcome the gap between clinical practice and historical perspective of medical humanities, through the representation of the historical scenarios and the integration of historical evidences in specific educational contents. The ALCMAEON project will collect audio-visual material to digitalize the available collections of medical museum in Italy, Spain, Greece, United Kingdom and Romania, in the attempt to promote the different traditions characterizing European medical history and bring the medical museums in the classroom.

Alcmaeon project website provides information about the project together with a direct link to the Portal. Users may now learn about and benefit from the Connected 4 Health project

The University of Targu Mures published an article in the journal The in which the project as well as the current results were presented. A special focus was on the Handbook, modules and videoclips of the Syllabus , as well as interviews with specialists. Links to the Handbook (PR1), modules and videoclips of the Syllabus in PR3, as well as interviews with specialists in PR3 are available through the article.

Milo Integrated Consulting

Milo Integrated Consulting (  is an organization where, through individual support and training courses, workshops, conferences, projects and articles, people are helped to enhance themselves. The School of Zen and Personal Power project (  ) was set up to reflect with gentleness and understanding those who are willing to discover their own resources for the better.

Faculty of Sport, University of Belgrad

The Faculty of Sport, University "Union – Nikola Tesla" was founded in 2012 as the first higher education in Serbia which deals exclusively with sport. It is dedicated to educating sport experts who will work in sports organizations and clubs, as well as in educational and cultural institutions and sports market in Serbia and abroad. To this purpose, the following courses have been created: coaching in sport, management in sport, sport journalism (undergraduate); sport management, management in tourism and recreational sport and coaching in sport (master). There are four scientific fields and 13 subfields of science. The system of education at this faculty includes working in interactive small groups, mentoring of students, workshops, panels, seminars, clinics and camps, project development and implementation of practical training. The Faculty of Sports pays special attention to research and scientific work. It contains the Institute of development, research and quality in sport and it has taken part in various projects, conferences and seminars.

ResearchGate is an academic profile and social networking site, and a popular hub on the web for sharing academic publications. Its mission is to connect the world of science and make research open to all. The 20 million researchers in the community come from diverse sectors in over 190 countries, use ResearchGate to connect, collaborate, and share their work. It is a perfect place to ensure C4H results visibility during and after project life-time.

Blog- um poema, um desabafo

The blog "um poema, um desabafo", is a poetry blog that talks about various issues of everyday life. The writer through the blog launched her book called "um poema, um desabafo". The audience of this blog covers all age groups. Per day the blog has about 800 views, covering the entire globe.


Pontiz is a digital marketing company with influence in Portugal and Brazil. Due to its influence in social networks it attracts visits from all business areas and influencers that disclose its usefulness and projects, thus being able to pass the message to the younger public through social networks about TAD and obesity. Each day the Pontiz company averages about 500 views.


Special Hospital „Čigota“ Zlatibor has a long year experience in treating obesity in adults, exceptional climate and geographical and transportation comforts, as well as necessary conditions for providing  medical services. In the expectation of  a brand new space for the Centre for prevention and treating obesity in children and adolescents, it has made changes and amendments of its normative acts,  as well as spatial and personnel adjustments, with the aim of qualifying for a new field of activity – pediatrician rehabilitation. These activities include applying physical rehabilitation measures and psychological processing and treatment of the obese children and adolescents and they are in accordance with the adopted Medical Regulations approved by a multidisciplinary team of experts for education and rehabilitation in the field of nutrition.

The work of the Centre is done by the following people are engaged: a specialist pediatrician, physical medicine specialist, six nurses, a senior medical technician, three teachers of physical culture and workers of other profiles.

Dimitrie Cantemir University

Dimitrie Cantemir University (DCU) is the second private university in Romania. Located in Targu Mures, Transylvannia, the university offers medical studies through the Faculty of Medicine and its programmes in Kinesiology and Balneary treatment, which are relevant for the project’s scope. With over 130 teaching staff and around 2500 local and international students, DCU offers its lecturers and students a high quality education in a modern campus. The kinesiology lecturers are interested in the exchange of experience and expertise with UMPhST regarding integrated approaches of young people with obesity and eating disorders. They are interested in using C4H project results,  will participate in the dissemination of project results, promote the information about the project to their network of contacts and contribute to the exploitation and sustainability of the project results.

Autonomous University of Madrid

UAM is partner in the C4H project.

Researchers, students, professors, and all those connected to or interested in the UAM. An estimated number around 10,000 people. 

Palacky University Olomouc

Palacky University Olomouc is partner in the C4H project. Faculty of Health Sciences website provides a direct link to the Portal. Anyone checking ongoing and finished projects and grants at the faculty website can go directly to the project website.

Fundatia Pentru Alimentatie Sanatoasa (FPAS)

Fundatia pentru Alimentatie Sanatoasa (FPAS - Foundation for Healthy Eating) is a non-profit organization that has been operating in Romania since 1999. FPAS has solid experience in promoting balanced nutrition and providing informational support to government or private institutions on aspects of nutrition and disease caused by inadequate nutrient intake.

The mission of the Foundation for Healthy Eating is to contribute to the promotion of a balanced diet, which will prevent the occurrence of nutrition and metabolism diseases among the population, through education, information and research in this field. It has a large network of partners  including public national and international medical universities, colleges of physicians, research and healthcare associations and can, therefore, contribute to the visibility, promotion, dissemination and sustainability of Connected for Health project results.

Klaipeda University

Klaipeda University is partner in the C4H project. KU website provides information about the project together with a direct link to the Portal. There are many users (students, teachers, stakeholders, journalists, etc.) of KU website that may now learn about and benefit from the C4H project. 

University of Belgrade

University of Belgrade is a partner in C4H project. It is the largest university in the region containing 31 faculties, 11 research institutes and 8 centres with 432 study programmes, around 95.000 students and more than 6.000 academic and research staff. So, the approximate number of people reached by the direct link is huge.

Department of Medicine of Sports, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade

Medicine of Sports is a department of the Faculty of Medicine that takes part in this project. It has its own website aimed at its undergraduate students, residents, master students, PhD students, teachers and researchers, as well as some partners. The approximate number of people reached by the direct link is above  1.500.

Faculty of Medicine University Of Belgrade

Faculty of Medicine is the member of University of Belgrade that takes part in the C4H project, with its two departments – Medicine of sports and Humanities. A direct link to the portal published on the faculty’s website can be extremely beneficial for the project as there are many members of teaching staff, researchers and students who may be interested in the project, its results and products. The approximate number of people reached is 5000 and more (more than 4.000 students and around 1000 academic staff).


IPB  is partner in the C4H project. The website provides information about the project partners together with a direct link to the Portal.

Apollo Wellness Club

The Apollo Wellness Club Complex covers an area of 13 acres and is located in Sangeorgiu de Mures resort,5 km away from Targu-Mure.

We offer: A Spa Center with a surface of 3000 m2: freshwater pool, salt water pool, jacuzzi, wet sauna, dry sauna, infrasauna, outdoor salt water pool, beach area, vitamin bar, fitness room, massage cabins, hammam, beauty and body care salon, pedicure_ manicure salon, hairdresser.

The balneo-physiotherapy treatment base.  Apollo Balneo provides qualified staff and high_end equipment for treating a wide range of conditions.

The Apollo restaurant with 120 seats in the lounge and 40 seats on the covered terrace offers culinary dishes both from traditional Romanian and internationalcuisine, served in a pleasant ambience. All pastries are prepared in our own kitchen with fresh and natural ingredients. The disehes in the Apollo restaurant promote health.  Also, alcoholic beverages are not served in the restaurant. The conference room has a capacity of 150 seats. The outdoors swimming pools cover an area of 24,000 sqm: freshwater pool, saltwater pool, sandy beach, relaxation areas, beach volleyball, food services in the Green paradise area, massage services and body care, Sports ground - Apollo Sport _ with football pitches, tennis and basketball courts.

Romanian Association of Nutrition and Dietetics AROND

Asociatia Romana de Nutritie Dietetica (Romanian Association of Nutrition and Dietetics AROND) has over 50 members from the whole country, who work in the field of nutrition and dietetics and who are highly interested in exploiting the project results. AROND organise webinars and conferences and will therefore further promote and exploit the project results.


UMFST  is the C4H project coordinator. The university site provides information about educational programmes, research and international projects and cooperation to higher education lecturers, students, residents, alumni. All the UMFST community of students, professors, medical professionals and healthcare staff, as well as interested/potential students, partners have access to the information on the site and thus,  they can learn and benefit from the project.  The academic community consists of about 10 000 students, and about 1000 staff.



Pixel is partner in the C4H project. Pixel website provides information about the project together with a direct link to the Portal. There are many users of Pixel’s website that may now learn about and benefit from the C4H project.