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Interviews with Dietitians, Nutritionist, Diabetologists, Endocrinologists

An online course for master students, students in clinical years, residents and other healthcare staff to develop skills for the integrated management of teenagers with eating disorders and obesity. To access this free content, please register. At the end of the Training Package, a certificate of completion is issued.

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Video Title

Beyond the scale: a nutritional approach for managing obesity

Dr. André Carneiro

Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Bragança – Portugal


The interview includes:
1. The main aspects of a healthy diet;
2. Nutritional strategies for treatment that are sustainable in the long term;
3. The main difficulties faced by patients

It is essential to focus on the person in the patients with obesity

Dr Josefina Olivares



Obesity is becoming a serious problem in Spain due to changes in eating patterns (moving towards the Western diet instead of the Mediterranean diet), social habits, lack of physical exercise especiall

Trust is crucial when dealing with Patients with Obesity

Gabriela Nicolau



Gabriela Nicolau is a nutrionist working in the Son Espases University Hospital in Mallorca, Spain. She talks about:
- the ever-growing problem of obesity in Spain,
- how to treat this pandem

The importance of noticing signs of an eating disorder as early as possible and informing about it

Indrė Plėštytė- Alminė

Mama, aš sergu


What to do when you notice eating disorders in a teenager and where to start?

How to form the right eating habits?

Jekaterina Matvejeva



Where to start shaping the eating habits of teenagers, what role do parents play?

“Your food is your medicine” – The nutritionist’s perspective on obesity and eating disorders


Integra viva


The videoclip details on:
- the concepts of healthy eating,
- intuitive, and emotional eating,
- the type of unhealthy relationship with food related to eating disorders,
- ED cau

Endocrine Causes of Obesity – An Endocrinologist’s Point of View


GE Palade University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Technology of Târgu Mureș


The video clip presents:
- obesity of endocrine origin,
- the differential diagnosis of obesity,
- the most important stages in communicating with a patient with obesity (the 5 As - Ask, A

Endocrinological insights on obesity and its management in adolescents - an example of good practice

Snežana Lešović

Center for Prevention and Treatment of Obesity in Children and Adolescents , Special Hospital for Thyroid Glan


The interview concentrates on several important questions: 1. Increasingly alarming situation in Serbia regarding obesity (The National Survey of Health, 2019; The World Atlas of Obesity); 2. The mo

Proper nutrition to ensure healthy life

Jelena Ilic Zivojinovic

Institute of Hygiene with Medical Ecology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade


The interview starts with definitions of proper nutrition and the importance of adopting the principles of proper nutrition as early as possible in order to live healthy throughout their adult life. T