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Project Description

This section presents the main information about the Connected for Health Project.
Global obesity levels have been on the rise over the past 3 decades. Eating disorders can affect individuals from different age groups, the average age of onset takes place during adolescence. The negative stigma attached to obesity challenges adolescents to make friends and thus benefit from social support.
The “Connected4Health - A Medical and Humanities-based Approach to Navigating Obesity and Eating Disorders (EDs) in Young People” project proposes a connected interdisciplinary action expects to achieve a in depth understanding of obesity, EDs, their stigma and harm from grassroots levels (historical, social, personal perspective), deconstructing current narratives in the public discourses and creating a new narrative that will contribute to the reduction of body-shape stigma and bias.

The purposes of C4H project is:
  • Provide lecturers/ trainers in universities with skills, knowledge, methods and tools to explore and address teaching/training obesity and EDs trought a trans-disciplinary approach;
  • Help residents and studets consolidate their knowledge and skills in approaching patiences with obesity and eating disorders
  • Support specialists in different medical fields to acquire new trans-disciplinary knowledge and skills to deal with these patiences

Target Groups
The project is addressed to:
  • Lecturers/trainers in nutrition and diabetology
  • Residents in different specializations with an interest in patient nutrition issues
  • Master students and students in clinical years
  • Registered nurses and other healthcare staff involved in nutrition, physiotherapy, counsellinkg of patients with obesity and EDs

Expected Results
For this purpose the project will develop and make accessible the following deliverables:
  • A Handbook, focused on cultural and historical perspectives on obesity and eating disorders
  • A Syllabus of Seminar, aiming at developing a multidisciplinary approach to young people with obesity and eating disorders
  • A Training Package for students on the effective management of young patients with obesity and eating disorders