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Best practices in communication
Patients with Obesity

An online course for master students, students in clinical years, residents and other healthcare staff to develop skills for the integrated management of teenagers with eating disorders and obesity.

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How to overcome the threshold of shame and fear prior to a specialist visit?

Gabrielė Guogytė


In the video, psychological problems faced by patients are presented clearly and the question of why they do not ask for specialist help on time is answered.

A Positive Mindset - Simulation in communicating with patients and families

A relative explains how her brother, who is now 14 years old, has always been quite obese. She discusses the problems he faces with a therapist.

A sister explains the problem her brother, Jack, aged 14 years old, has with his weight, to the therapist

Effective communication strategies for patients with obesity

The video presents an initial conversation between a physician and a 15-year-old patient with obesity.

The female patient experiences pressure from other people’s perceptions, especially from her mother and aunt

How to approach the conversation about obesity

The video presents a pediatrician-teenager conversation about being overweight

Female patient, 16 years old, c/o: uneasiness, discomfort, and a sensation of weight in the chest, heartburn,