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Work in progress

This section allows a constant communication and sharing of information among the project partners as far as the activities for the different intellectual outputs are concerned. Each project partner upload this section of a three months basis.

Partners' Institution:

University of Madrid

Project's period (from/to):

02 January 2022 - 15 July 2022

Activity concerned:

PM - Project Management

Objectives of activities carried out:

Coordination of activities:
-participation in important international meetings
-in progress reporting of activities
-organization of the University of Autonomous Madrid (UAM) management and implementation team dissemination:
- Making the C4H website accessible to the largest possible number of lecturers and students in health education.
- Sharing the C4H Portal and the results of the C4H project with the highest number of operators in the field of health education
- Sharing the C4H Portal and the results of the C4H project with the highest number of citizens
- Spreading the C4H activities and results on the most popular Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)
UAM has to carry out the following activities:
-constant dissemination activities
-dissemination reports created and uploaded in the Reserved Area of the project portal
UAM has to carry out the following activities:
-promote Project Portal through Exchange links
-promote the project and its portal among public authorities, youth organizations, policymakers, etc.
-involve new members as associated partners
- The aim of the evaluation is to measure the quality of project activities and of the project's intellectual output. Both project partners and end users are involved and will have to fill in ad hoc questionnaires.

Description of activities carried out:

Coordination activities:

-communicated with the representatives of UAM on different issues concerning Erasmus+ project management
-prepared presentations and participated in the first TNM that was held online
- administered a Whatsapp group to coordinate amongst the different teams
-carried out individual discussions with partners and coordinator via Messenger or chat
-continuous communication with UAM concerning the documents that haven’t been signed yet
-managed the creation of contributions to Area 2 chapters on the Humanities perspective on ED
-selected appropriate members of the target group team ( still missing 1 member – physical education or physiotherapist expert but working hard on that )
-created the target group
-organized the first meeting with all team members concerning project implementation, administration of the project and finances
-prepared presentations for participation in the second TNM in Portugal ( albeit online since the lead investigator had COVID-19)Dissemination:
-translated the project brochure into Spanish
-carried out dissemination activities on social media and uploaded them on the project portal
-constantly carried out dissemination activities through social media, at international meetings, through slides, etc.
-sending emails and making phone calls to universities, faculties, departments, and health institutions in order to introduce them to the project and ensure their cooperation in the project in future
- approaching different entities to make them associated partners
-all the project team members completed an online evaluation survey after the first TNM online meeting

Results Achieved:

Coordination of activities:
-One member participated in the first TNM organized online due to the Covid-19 pandemic
-communicated with partners via WhatsApp, emails and Messenger
-collected signed contracts and other documents and sent them to the coordinator
-selected the local project team members for management and implementation and obtained approval from UAM and the Faculty of Medicine; had contracts signed by members of the project team
-selected the target group
-completed Area 2 and Area 3 of PR1

-translated project brochure into Spanish
-uploaded 7 dissemination reports
-did Facebook and Twitter and Instagram dissemination
-carried out dissemination in a Conference on Narrative Medicine to health professionals in Milan, Italy on 8th July 2022

-filled in documents for obtaining exchange links