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Work in progress

This section allows a constant communication and sharing of information among the project partners as far as the activities for the different intellectual outputs are concerned. Each project partner upload this section of a three months basis.

Partners' Institution:

University of Targu Mures

Project's period (from/to):

02 January 2022 - 04 September 2022

Activity concerned:

PM - Project Management

Objectives of activities carried out:

- Coordination of the activities
- Dissemination
- Sustainability
- Evaluation

Description of activities carried out:

- Participation in the planning of all the activities of the project for the 2 years project life
- Participation in 4 transnational meetings of the steering committee, organisation of one TNM
- In progress reporting of activities
- Constant sharing of solutions and circulation of information through e-mails and Zoom meetings
- Check of the project state of art and of the respecting of the deadlines
- Organisation of the UniTargu Mures management and implementation team,

Description of coordination activities carried out in terms of coordination activities:
Project management:
- participate in the online meeting with project managers organised by NA and in the discussions
- communicate with the NA on different issues of Erasmus+ international project management and other issues specific to partners
- participation together with Pixel in the planning of project activities, creation of templates and finding best solutions in managing new partners
-prepare documents, presentations, and participation in the first TNM online.
-prepare detailed presentation of contents for PR1-Handbook, sending it to partners before the meeting, discussing it during the meeting and adoption by partners during kickoff meeting
- answer partners' queries by email, carrying out individual discussions via chat or Messenger
- preparation of financial documents and sending first installment to partners
- signing Additional Act to the contract with the NA.
- continuous communication with UAM and BMU for documents that still need to be signed.
- Video calls and written communication on Messenger about administrative issues with UAM (involvement of financial advisor in the project team).
- constant communication with partners about status of implementation of activities
- design of templates together with Pixel, feedback and editing successive versions for PR2
-constant communication with partners about materials, finalised results on Area 2 and 3 of PR1
-preparation of documents for the second TNM meeting in Braganca, Portugal on 4,5th of July.

Local team:
- issue a call for proposals for involvement in the C4H project implementation team and the target groups team
- collect CVs and applications for inclusion in the project team
- select appropriate applicants for inclusion in the project team and target groups
- organisation of first meeting with team members (responsible of project implementation, financial and administrative technician)
- discuss administrative measures for approval of team members, submission of proposal to Administrative Council of the University, draw contracts of employment for team members
- send GDPR forms to partners to participate in project development
- communicate with NA on a regular basis regarding templates, other issues raised by partners.
- preparing the contracts for project members
- signed contracts with project team members.
- preparing timesheets, signing and preparation for salary payment for PR1.
- preparations for first online project team meeting in Teams for discussions of PR1 objectives, distribution of tasks for the following PRs and involvement of students, other Q&A.
- Meeting in Teams and distributing tasks, Q&A session.
- Drafting PR2 contents - template.
- Sending draft of Template - PR2 contentents to Portugal partners for feedback and amendment.
Enrollment of the target groups: list approved by the Administrative Council and signed by Rector
Final version of PR2 contents and template
- creating an example of PR2 syllabus for Module 1 and Module 7
- dealing with issues related to project team (one project member opted out due to personal reasons: dr Szasz)
- messages to student volunteers as part of target groups for PR2 and communication with them via telephone and C4H Microsoft Team group

- Making the C4H website accessible to the largest possible number of lecturers and students in health education.
- Sharing the C4H Portal and the results of the C4H project with the highest number of operators in the field of health education
- Sharing the C4H Portal and the results of the C4H project with the highest number of citizens
- Spreading the C4H activities and results on the most popular Social Network (Facebook, Istagram, and Twitter)

UMFST has to carry out the following activities:
- Peer-review and amend the forms to be used by the partnerships, created by Pixel
- Create the project logo and brochure in English
- Carry out dissemination activities
- Creation of the dissemination reports and uploading them in the Reserved Area of the Project Portal

Description of activities carried out in terms of Dissemination:
- create the project logo and brochure in English
- translate the project brochure in Romanian
- Create the FB page and invite other editors and administrators to it
- carry out first dissemination activities on social media and in other forms, and report them on the project portal
Carrying out constant dissemination activities: social media, emails, during international mobilities, articles on UMFST site, on students' blo-g
National and international disseminations each month
Regular disseminations on the project FB page
filled in dissemination forms for 2 onsite disseminations as part of national conferences (Iasi and Cluj Napoca by Monica Tarcea)
- dissemination at conference and sumer school in Brasov: in September

It aims to promote the project sustainability. The actions to be carried out are:
• Promote the Portal through EXCHANGE LINKS with Portals addressing similar issues (e.g. Portals providing health educational materials for lecturers; portals on health education, healthy nutrition, wellness, other health initiative, etc.)
• Promote the among public authorities and key policy makers, youth organisations, in order to gain institutional consensus and promoting the insertion of project results in policies for Health Education.
• Involve new members as ASSOCIATED PARTNERS

Description of activities carried out in terms of Sustainability:
- making phone calls and sending emails to universities, departments in universities, and other health units (hospital departments, private practices) in order to opt them in the project for future exploitation.
- Sent emails to Herghelia, ASCOTID, ARoND, Apollo Wellness center
- Set up virtual Teams meeting to discuss with the director of Romanian Association for Nutrition and Dietetics (ARoND).
-created a MicrosoftTeams for communication with team members on a regular basis
- sent emails to students in Nutrition of UMPhST to volunteer in the project and engage those who already have part-time business in promoting and disseminating the project results, to become Associated Partners or to create Exploitation Links (FoodTalks, Farfuria Sanatoasa /Healthy Plate (, Corina Pelin (

The aim of evaluation is to measure and ensure the quality of all the activities and of the project intellectual output. Both project partners and end users are involved and will have to fill in ad hoc questionnaires.

Description of activities carried out in terms of Evaluation:
Sent feedback to partners on papers belonging to Area 2 PR1

Results Achieved:

- 3 members of UMFST attended the Romanian National Agency seminar (Reuniune de contractare - seminar online) with project coordinators
- 3 members participated in the first TNM organised online due to pandemic issues
- creation of a WhatsApp group for the Humanities specialists for better communication and brainstorming ideas
- final templates for carrying out PR1
- presentation of activities for PR1 and of UMFST during first TNM
- emails sent to partners in answering their queries
- collected partners' signed contract and other financial documents and sending them back signed either electronically or classicaly
- selected the local project team members for management and implementation, obtained the approval of the university ADministrative Council; drawn employment contracts and signed them by team members
- selected the target groups students (list of students participating as target groups and volunteers) and partial list of target groups- lecturers
- filled in GDPR forms for project team members
- created Microsoftt Team for constant virtual meetings with the local team
- signed contracts with project partners
- first installment sent to all but UAM and BMU.
- organised first online partners' meeting of UMFST team (platform Microsoft Teams) on 3rd of March, reminded deadlines to PR1 members and consolidated teams for PR2 and PR3 (link to Microsoft Teams channel
- first draft of PR2 template- contents-
approved list of target groups
- final draft of templates and contents for PR2
- examples of PR2 syllabus for Module 1 Essentials of Obesity and MOdule 7 Communications and Humanities
- presentation of PR1 - Area 1, Area 2 and Area 3 parts by the UMPhST team.
- participation in the 2nd TNM meeting: Anisoara Pop and Monica Tarcea
- received and transmitted feedback on Area 1 to UniTgM author.

- project logo
- project brochure in English
- translated brochure in Romanian
- FB page of the project with different editors
- created the first two dissemination events: on UMFST site and on the students' blogs and uploaded dissemination reports
- monthly disseminations
- FB disseminations
international dissemination to the Universita degli Studi del Molise, Italy
Dissemination at the conference Prevention of obesity in Childhood, 17 june 2022 Iasi, Romania
- Dissemination at School conference on obesity June 29th, Cluj Napoca, Romania (Monica Tarcea)
- disseminations by email to ex-students in Nutrition (UMPhST alumni), two agreed to participate in using the project results in their work and also contribute themselves to the project results.
- dissemination through lecture at International Summer School - FOOD SAFETY AND HEALTHY LIVING FSHL – 2022, Brasov, Romania, 5-8 sept. 2022
- dissemination through paper presentation at The 6th International Conference New Trends on Sensing - Monitoring - Telediagnosis for Life Sciences, September 8-10, 2022, Brasov, Romania

- sent documents for obtaining exchange links
- sent documents to one university and one private practice for obtaining agreement of Associated Partners
-obtained first exploitation link with UMFST site
-obtained several Associated Partners: ASCOTID Mures, Centrul de Sanatate Herghelia Mures, and Apollo Wellness Center Sangeorgiu de Mures
- new exploitation links: Apollo Wellness Center and Romanian Association for Nutrition and Dietetics.